RACAS – Race Around Czechia and Slovakia is an ultracycling endurance race over 1900 km long around Czechia and 3500 km around Czechia and Slovakia.

Enter at your own risk. The organizer is not responsible for any injures and damage, destruction or property loss.

The race is divided into several categories:

  • Individuals – Around Czechia (1900 km)
  • Individuals – Around Czechia and Slovakia (3500 km)
  • 2 members team – Around Czechia (1900 km)
  • 2 members team – Around Czechia and Slovakia (3500 km)
  • 4 members team – Around Czechia (1900 km)
  • 4 members team – Around Czechia and Slovakia (3500 km)

Each racer must be over 18 years old at the time of the start.

The start day and time will be announced at least one month prior.

The race starts with intervals of minimum 15 minutes between individual racers according to official registered numbers.

The route of the race is given precisely and must be followed! 

The route in a gpx document and route book with a detailed description of the route, road surface etc. will be issued to racers 3 months prior of the race (immediately if registered later). Each racer will receive an updated route book at least 14 days prior to the start and in printed version on the race day.

If a racer must leave the route for any reason, they must return to the same point they left. Route detours will be penalized or taken as a serious concern for disqualification. Each participant must ride by his own force. If a participant must get into a support car or travel in any way along the route with the help of external forces, he must return to the point of departure and continue the race on his own.

In the case of a sudden event on the route (traffic accident, obstacles on the road) it is necessary to contact the organizer immediately and find a suitable detour. If the organizer doesn’t respond within 30 minutes of the event, it is allowed to choose the most suitable detour and take a proof of the detour reason, such as photos or videos. In the event of a major detour due to a traffic accident etc., it is allowed to load the racer into the support car, drive around the obstacle and return to the route immediately. It is necessary to inform the organizer immediately.

In case of a longer delay making the route shorter or longer for the racer, the organizer reserves the right to set a penalty to maintain equal conditions for each racer.

The racer and his support team must respect the traffic rules. The traffic rules violation may lead to disqualification.

It is not allowed to ride in the so-called hook. If two racers meet on the route, they can ride side by side for a maximum of 15 minutes. A minimum distance must be kept at 100 m.

It is not allowed to receive any help from the support team during the ride, i.e.: the support car must not go in front of the racer blowing the air, nor push the racer from the back. Likewise, the racer must not hold onto the support car while riding. The racer must not hold onto the vehicle when standing at an intersection etc.

The support team can serve food from the window of the support car without any direct contact with the racer. This must be done from the passenger’s seat (from the right side of the car).

Racers are not allowed to use headphones for listening to music or audio recordings. The only allowed use is the intercom for communication with the support team with one handset on the cyclist’s right ear. It is allowed to communicate with a speaker on the roof of the support car, with the exceptions stated below:

Each racer must have a support team of at least 3 members and 1 vehicle. If a racer is supported by more than one vehicle, there must be at least 2 team members in each vehicle. Each member of the team must have a valid driving licence.

Each racer along with each relay member are allowed maximum of 2 support cars and a maximum of 8 support team members.

In addition to the vehicles, it is allowed to have one accompanying vehicle with photographers or video makers (a media car). This vehicle must be announced in advance and must be visibly marked. The media car is not allowed to help the racer in the race in any way and the racer must not use this vehicle for driving along obstacles, for rest time, etc.

The support car is to accompany the racer and provide him support. The support car is a part of the regular traffic and is obliged to follow the traffic rules under any circumstances.

During the day, the support car goes along the racer in a logic called ‘pre-jumping’, i.e. it waits for the racer at a selected spot by the route, provides the support and continues the route. It is allowed to follow the racer only if the traffic is light. If a convoy is formed behind the car, the racer must be overtaken by the car.

After sunset hours (8:30 PM to 5:30 AM) it is required to follow the participant continuously and form a shield behind him. It is necessary to install orange beacon lights and any additional lights on the car (to be specified before the race). 

Team race – only one team member must ride at a time, except for the start and finish. The team member must carry a GPS tracker on his bike or in his jersey, being used as a relay pin. Switching riders can be done in places suitable for this purpose and the handover must not intervene with the traffic.

The racer’s bicycle, including spare ones, must have UCI specifics and must be suitable for road operations within road regulations given by the Czechia and Slovakia including all mandatory equipment. In addition to this equipment, it is required to have:

  • at least 4 strips of reflective material (white or yellow) measuring at least 5 x 2 cm on each side of the wheel
  • reflective red strip on the back of the bicycle’s frame or on the seat measuring at least 5 x 2 cm
  • reflective strip (white or yellow) on each crank
  • reflective white strip on each side of the frontal handlebars measuring at least 5 x 2 cm
  • turn signals (white at the front and red at the rear of the bicycle) with a minimum output 15 lumens must be switched on between 8 PM and 7 AM

A racer must wear a helmet required by the Czech standards CSN EN 1078 whenever sitting on the bicycle.

There are going to be referees (the organizers and some volunteers) along the route. Their task will be to observe obeying the race rules and thus will be allowed to propose a penalty or a disqualification in case of violation of the rules. Such information will be handed over to the main organizer immediately after such finding, therefore the main organizer will make the decision.

The penalty will be given as follows:

  • minor violations (low-flashing lights, missing reflective strips etc.) – 15 minutes addition to the time
  • more serious offense that might put the health of others in danger (missing flasher, riding on a red traffic light, poorly attached helmet, etc.) – 60 minutes addition
  • serious violations (riding in a support car, riding behind the car whilst holding it, short-cutting etc.) – immediate disqualification from the race

The organizer will share the information about penalties and disqualification to the racer or the team via SMS without any further delay after the decision is made.

Before the race:

A parking lot will be ready for racers and their support vehicles in Vsetín. It will be available at least 24 hours prior to the start. Each team must undergo a roll call before the start, where they receive all equipment necessary for the race, such as start numbers, stickers for support vehicles etc. The pre-race meeting will take place in a selected area in Vsetín depending on the number of participants, but no later than 6 hours prior to the start.

The start ceremony:

Each racer must be in the starting area no later than 30 minutes prior to the start. The race starts in intervals, the distances between each racer are at least 5 minutes. The racer starts from the starting ramp, the main support car leaves immediately after him from a reserved parking space near the starting ramp. If the racer has two support vehicles, the second vehicle sets off regardless of the main one. 

Team race: all team members start at once and ride together the first hundreds of meters outside the city, where the first participant disconnects, and the rest of the team members gets into the support car (a precise location will be specified before the start). All team members travel to the finish line together in the same manner. 

Each team will specify 2 phone numbers available throughout the whole race. These contacts will be used to communicate with the organizers and vice versa. Any changes on the route and penalties will be shared to these numbers. The phones with those numbers must have data connection available and be equipped for sending photos and simple documents.

Each team will receive 2 GPS trackers. One will be for the cyclist and must be attached to the bicycle or the cyclist’s jersey riding the route at that moment (this applies especially to team racing). The second tracker must be in the main support vehicle throughout the whole race. Each team is required to keep the trackers active and charged throughout the race. The exact instructions for tracker operation and location of the tracker will be communicated by the organizer at the roll call before the race.