Due to the situation around the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to move the first year of the race to 2022

In 2021, only one competitor will ride a charity ride on the race route


  • Lower Square, Vsetín, Zlín region
  • the start will take place in sections in the period of 13-17 August 2022

Race roll call:

  • every racer must undergo a race roll call prior to the start and must undergo a pre-start meeting, which will be held in the period of 12 to 24 hours before the start time

  • all meetings will take place in Vsetín, the exact locations to be specified

  • every racer will receive all equipment necessary for a successful race, such as:

    • racing numbers for bicycles and support cars

    • stickers and bumpers for support cars

    • GPS tracker with instructions

Facilities around the start and finish location:

  • Vsetín is a county town offering many hotels for accommodations, parking lots etc.

  • parking is free of charge for all support cars, a short stay camping will be secured into a space near the ice-hockey stadium

  • the start ceremony will be held on the Lower Square with a section for parking support cars an hour prior to the start

  • public toilets to be secured in the Lower Square, food will be available in the local restaurants


  • Around Czechia – 1950 km

  • Around Czechia and Slovakia – 3540 km

  • the route is lead mostly on low category roads forming a border around CZ and SK

  • the route must be followed strictly, the organizer is responsible for informing the racers in case of rerouting, obstacles on the road and vice versa

  • you can find more information in the ROUTE section

Time gates:

place mark time limit
Nové Město pod Smrkem 650 km 46 hod
Železná Ruda 1305 km 93 hod
Vsetín - border with Slovakia 1.950 km 139 hod
Bohdanovce 2650 km 190 hod


categories route lenght
A1 - individuals around Czechia and Slovakia 3.540 km
A2 - 2 members team around Czechia and Slovakia 3.540 km
A4 - 4 members team around Czechia and Slovakia 3.540 km
B1 - individuals around Czechia 1.950 km
B2 - 2 members team around Czechia

1.950 km

B4 - 4 members team around Czechia 1.950 km

Race principles:

  • the race is defined as a SUPPORTED RACE, meaning that every racer (team) is accompanied by a support car with a support team

  • it is not allowed to race without a support team, as specified below:

Support team:

  • each racer must be accompanied by a support team, with the minimum of one support car and 3 team members. The maximum team is 8 members

  • the same rule applies for the relay race, with the exception that the team members can be from the relay race team, meaning a relay member not racing at the given moment can be serving as a team member

  • the support team is there to accompany the racer and provide him with a full support in the terms of preparing food, rest, bicycle service etc.

  • the support car must always obey the traffic rules!

  • the support team must always communicate with the racer 

    • the communication can be made via the car speaker system, or via a walkie-talkie, with the racer having the headphone on his right ear

  • the support team must communicate with the event organizers, there

  • must always be a mobile phone with a data connection available 

  • the full list of rules is available in the Rules section


  • the racer and the team will receive a gpx file route book prior to the race and at least 30 days before the start

  • the racer carries a GPS navigation system attached to his bicycle for the route navigation

  • the support team can help to navigate the racer within his reach

Online tracking:

  • each racer will receive 2 GPS trackers at the race roll call

  • one GPS tracker will be used to locate the racer, which must always be attached to the racer’s jersey or to the bicycle. The support team is responsible for the tracker to be charged and fully functioning at all times

  • the second GPS tracker must be located inside the main support car

  • full instructions about the trackers will be send to the teams prior to the race and will be available at the roll call prior to the race


  • referees will be located along the route, they will be observing the race and following rules

  • the static controls of the racers will be located along the route

  • the racers´ location will be checked via GPS trackers

Penalties and disqualification:

  • race or traffic rules violation will be penalised according to the offense level for each racer in a matter of hours
  • serious rules violation, including repeated rules violation may lead to the disqualification
  • the organizer, not the referee, is responsible for carrying out penalties or disqualification. The referee reports the offense immediately after such finding
  • the organizer informs the racer and the team about the penalties immediately after the decision is made

Required equipment:

  • the racer and the support team must follow the traffic rules of the given region
  • apart from the equipment required by the regulations of the organizer, each racer must be equipped with:
  • a bicycle with the UCI specifics for gravel road cycling
  • a properly attached and secured helmet
  • at least 4 reflective strips (white or yellow), measuring at least 5 x 2 cm at each side of the wheel
  • a reflective red strip at the rear of the frame or at the seat, measuring at least 5 x 2 cm
  • a white or yellow reflective strip on each handlebar
  • a white reflective strip on each side of the handles measuring at least 5 x 2 cm
  • flashers to be switched on between 8 PM – 7 AM (white at the front and red at the rear end) with the minimum capacity of 15 lumens


You can find more information in the REGISTRATION section of the website