There were 2 racers in the prologue:

Jirka Severa, a founder of the race rode about 1500 km in the course of 3 days, but had to step out due to his ongoing health conditions and with that he had to give up his ultracycling premiere race near Šumava region.

Dan Polman, the leading ultra cyclist in the Czechia, had been through races such as RAAM (Race Across America), took the RACAS premiere as his main project in 2020, as the year’s events were already badly affected by the pandemic. Fully supported by his team, he took off of the start in a racing mode and finished the route (despite bad weather conditions) in the course of 7 days, 23 hours and 50 minutes!

You can read the daily reports including selected photos below.

Start and day 1

The historical moment happened on Thursday 13, August 2020 in the Lower Square in Vsetín, as Dan Polman arrived, a famous name in the ultracycling world, who’s been equally excited about the RACAS -Race Around Czechia and Slovakia- with us.

Day 2

The second day of the race which started on Friday at 4 PM, finally brought tiredness into the bodies of our racers and thus a slight slowdown for the crazy pace they set. Even sleeping happened.

Day 3

Day 3 is almost always the critical one and today at RACAS was no exception. Especially Jirka paid for his novice status in full and the struggle became real for him.

Day 4

Day 4 started with two expectations. Firstly, how will Jirka Severa manage to regenerate his sore body? He chose a long rest and tried to persuade his weary body that eventually, he must get home somehow anyway. And secondly, will Dan manage to beat the Czech half of the journey on the fourth day?

Day 5

If the third day had been critical, day 5 was meant to change the narratives about the fun race called RACAS – Race Around Czechia and Slovakia. Two significant events occurred.

Day 6

On the sixth day, RACAS moved to the most eastern part of its route and made a turn back where it began, to Vsetín. Dan Polman was mostly worried about the weather in the last couple of days with no difference today.

Day 7

At the end of day 6 it looked like the weather was getting better when it stopped raining and Dan was taking his waterproof gear off by his usual 4 PM break. Sadly, the dark cloud that was hanging low from the sky before wasn’t there to smile at us and it started raining cats and dogs in just a few minutes on the road. Let’s switch to waterproof gear one more time, then.

Day 8

The eighth day started with the enter way to Bratislava, which made Dan left with just over 400 km. For once the weather was on our side, but it was maybe too hot for the race. Still better to be too hot than to be too wet like in those previous days!