The race follows the path of the Around Czechia event, organized by Jirka Severa in 2019, the brain behind the race and its route.

“I put the route around Czechia and a bunch of people together. At that time we rode in 200 km a day stages and went round the Czechia in 9 days. We booked our accommodation in advance and we had one support car accompanying us with our stuff. Because it went well, I wanted to continue and an idea arose, this time adding Slovakia into the original route.”

This idea of his started to spread but the race as a “group trip” did not make any sense, whilst the race route turned into something very interesting, and that’s when Jirka decided to move up his game to a pro-level. He joined forces with the Valachiarun production agency, which is an experienced agency in the field of ultra races.

The plans for 2020 were stopped by the coronavirus pandemic, though, which was the reason why we were seeking an alternative which would be interesting enough to “introduce” the race for the public. And so we teamed up with the Czech leading ultramarathoner Dan Polman, who came up with the idea that he would go for the trial race himself in the “racing mode” with the full support of his team.

That is why we prepared a proper trial run, and on Thursday, August 13, 2020, a racing duo of Jirka Severa and Daniel Polman started off from Vsetín.

Although Jirka was forced to step away because of poor health conditions after approximately 1500 km, Dan raced through the route despite the very bad weather conditions in the course of 7 days, 23 hours, and thus set the trial time of the RACAS!

You can find a more in depth report from the first race including a photo gallery in the History section.

Due to the situation around the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to move the first year of the race to 2022

In 2021, only one competitor will ride a charity ride on the race route