Dan’s vision of the finish line became stronger with his motivation. With the sunny skies above him, he tried to make the classic fast finisher. Even though he’d gone to bed for an hour and woke up tired and confused, making his team busy explaining to him who he was and what he was doing there. He eventually got on his bike and continued racing. In total he rode 464 km in that day and it was just a matter of time for him to get to the finish line at the Lower Square in Vsetín. Our team was ready at the scene at around 1 PM, but the last pitch to Makov and to the famous partisan statue was too treacherous, and the 190-hour mark did not happen in the end. It looked like a 7-day finish time nonetheless!

At last, Dan Polman arrived in Vsetín shortly after quarter to 3 and his premiere finish time stands at 7 days, 23 hours and 5 minutes!

In this section, we must express our thanks and congratulate Dan for this week. As we mentioned a couple of times before, it was a race trial, where Dan did not meet his equal match and he battled against the time and his own fatigue. But upon realising that the route is 3540 km long which is roughly as long and as tiring round trip from Czechia to the nation’s beloved Croatian seaside back and forth, one must admit it was a remarkable performance.

Now we must work through all the material collected and we will be posting a video from both Jirka’s and Dan’s journeys. 

We have a lot of work to do with making the first official RACAS race. We are expecting to post the final propositions and start the registration in autumn 2020. We also spoke with Dan after the event and he was able to provide us with the feedback. He says the race truly is tough and can be easily compared to the top ultra cycling races in the world. Some roads are damaged, some parts are difficult, but in the conclusion the race doesn’t lack in the variety and ‘authenticity’. He even spoke about the comparison with RAAM – Race Across America, which would be brilliant if true!

Dan’s final digits:

Dan rode 464 kilometres and 3540 kms in total on the 8th day.