The rain didn’t stop for the rest of the evening and partially at night, when a thick fog joined the show. The sun didn’t show up before Thursday morning. The sky was clear for the whole day and temperatures arose near 30 degrees. What a welcomed change compared to the days before!

Because of the flatness of southern Slovakia region and because the roads are not the worst in the world (for some parts), the only threat that reminded for Dan to battle with was the wind. It wasn’t so strong like in the past few days, making it a pleasant ride for Dan, as he added decent 454 km at the end of the day.

Numbers from the seventh day: 454 km and 3076 total.

By that time, everybody was impatiently looking forward to the finish line as the end was getting closer by each kilometre. Dan was left with just around 400 km at 6 PM, which is his normal daily number even with the sleep break accounted for. We were told by his team that Dan usually doesn’t sleep so well in the final days, and he tends to speed up during the ride. 

RACAS truly presented itself as a tough race, we keep hearing comparison with the endurance of RAAM, so let’s see how it actually ends up. But the rough plan made in the evening is to finish at around 2 PM Friday, which would mean a finish time under 190 hours for the 3540 km long race.

Let’s see!!!