Dan ended his previous day on Štrbské Lake and started his next one riding below the High Tatras Mountains. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very promising for pleasant views and although it stopped raining, heavy clouds were hanging low in the sky. It was clear that we should expect rain like in the days before. When it started to rain in the evening, it poured. Because it was already 9 o’clock, Dan’s team checked the forecast and decided to make a strategic decision to hide for a while and use that extra time for sleep. However, Dan, in his true racing nature, made it a rather short while and slept only for an hour. By 11 in the evening, the team was already headed off and they made it to the most eastern part of the route bordering with Ukraine. By the morning, the weather seemed better without those fearful strong winds on the open roads, so the pace became much faster. All summed up, Dan made 410 km by the 4 PM peak. Unfortunately, Dan continued to struggle with sore wrists. The inflammation from the day four got even worse by that point and along with that came severe pain, too. Dan’s team consulted the situation with a doctor but concluded that they couldn’t do much whilst on the move, whereas Dan was trying not to think about the pain and got on with that. But as you can imagine, the combination of cold, wet weather, his overall tired body and damaged roads made cycling a tough job for him, as you can imagine…

Sixth day digits for Dan: 410 km in 24 hours, 2622 in total.

One more thing happened yesterday. We received an email from Jíra Hledík, another cycling legend that means a lot for the whole ultra cycling community, and from whom even Dan himself took a few advices. He said he’s been watching the event with interest, and that he, quote, “wakes up with RACAS and goes to bed with RACAS”.

Let us share one more quote from his email: “As I’ve already posted on my Facebook page, I dare to say, that by releasing this project, you are not only writing a new chapter for the Czech ultra cycling sport as such, but you are creating its future, as well. And I would like to thank you for that.”

We wish we were doing that. There’s a lot of hard work behind this project, and yet it just began as we stood on the start line. To be more specific, we will be standing again there when Dan returns. 

Now we can start making the propositions and race rules, set the date and fix minor route changes. We hope to meet you all at the start of the First RACAS – Race Around Czechia & Slovakia next year.