Jirka has gone through a significant third day crisis when his body simply said: “Mate, we’re not cut for this!". He decided to finish his day already at 4 PM and tried to chase some sleep and relax. In the end there were barely 2 hours of proper sleep for him, which obviously didn’t make him feel much better, however he decided to take off early in the morning and rode 256 km around the Český Les, Šumava and Lipno regions in 16 hours. By the evening, he complained about his lasting issues with carpal bones and quite a sore butt. Well, aren’t those the normal ultra cycling struggles…?

On the third day, Dan was left with 480 km to finish the Czech half-point, which was doable for it in one day. He tried to sleep during the night, and made it happen for 2 hours, so he was ready to put up a fight with South Moravia region by the morning, which might be the flattest of them all, but also the windiest. Some roads were quite busy on Monday morning, making it a fight for life at times! In the end, Dan took his afternoon break at 4 PM some 70 km before Vsetín and scored at 401 km for the day!

Even he showed the first signs of a few racing problems, such as sore wrists caused by the damaged roads. Pressing ice on the centre of the pain and kinesiology tapes helped at that moment, and we should see if it helped him for good. 

With that being said, the actual passage through Vsetín did not take place before the beginning of the fifth day, when Dan arrived in Vsetín, applauded by a big crowd, in 99 hours and 50 minutes from the start of the race. That is the exact time it took him to cycle around Czechia on a road bike on a 1950 km long route!!!

Sum's up:

Jirka Severa 256 km and 1.368 km in total
Dan Polman 401 km and 1.870 km in total