Friday evening was full of storms and rains like the previous day, with that the temperature dropped, too, and made racing in wet clothes rather uncomfortable. Jirka was pacing towards Krkonoše Mountains and his booked room, where the place was set up by his team already so he could be warm by 6 pm and fed, bathed and fast asleep by 8 PM!

Meanwhile, Dan was battling with the route and despite the bad weather he pushed through his limits and made it to Děčín, going even further ahead of his lead time. His caravan crew following him all the way is his biggest advantage and should any crisis come, all he must do is wave and go to bed in 5. That is what happened that night, so Dan got off his bike and went to bed at around 2 AM, first time being off his bike for longer than just a couple of minutes in the last 34 hours.

The weather got better during the night and the storms were casted off, so Saturday carried a promise of more decent ultracycling conditions. The first one to feel it for him was Jirka, who already got on his bike at 3:30 AM, ready to take on another stage of his journey. He was short of 70 km against his plan so there was no time for sleeping in. It wasn’t raining anymore, but it was cold nevertheless, so the road down to Rokytnice had to be a blast for him being a person who does not like the cold. In his own words: the tourist in me who would not get on his bike in weather colder than 20 degrees does not enjoy this one bit!

Just as Jirka was having his breakfast around 7 AM, Dan’s tracker switched to active mode again as he was passing from Děčín towards Krušné Mountains. The day went around as expected: the mad pace of a machine demonstrated by both our guys with the mad pace of their support teams for them to be ready to serve at will, while taking a picture here and there, making food and looking for a place to spend the night. This job is never boring.

Speaking of the pace, interesting fact is that Dan was complaining about the state of the roads which were allegedly slowing him down. One cannot help but wonder what his pace would be if it were not for the slow roads.

Summary at the end of RACAS day 2 with another very interesting numbers – counted from 4 PM to 4 PM:

Jirka: 317 km and 844 km in 2 days

Dan: 407 km and 1043 km in 2 days